U-Type® Secondary Cleaner

This innovative secondary cleaner is unmatched for superior belt cleaning efficiency –– especially in tough applications with wet, sticky carryback.

Features and Benefits:

  • Blade tips scrape off stubborn carryback, while rubber backers "squeegee" wet material
  • U shaped design conforms to the belt, allowing the tungsten carbide tips to shear stubborn carryback materials from the belt
  • Self-contained UST Spring Tensioner that maintains low, uniform blade pressure across width of belt and allows for visual tension inspection
  • U-shaped blade and offset pole that intensify cleaning power along the material path
  • Blade can be removed/replaced easily with the removable front plate design of the pole
  • Universal mounting brackets that accommodate virtually any conveyor structure
  • Ideal for cupped conveyor belts and belts with worn centers because U-shaped blade conforms to the belt
  • Ideal as final cleaner in a complete cleaning system


  • Choice of three blades –– V Blade with tungsten carbide tips that are safe for use with counter-sunk mechanical splices, an extended-life urethane F Blade, and an impact-resistant tungsten carbide C Blade
  • Other cleaner sizes available upon request


  • Underground mining, hard rock and metal mining, aggregate, bulk material handling, and wood products operations
  • For belt widths from 18" – 84" (450 – 2100 mm)
  • Can be mounted at any spot from the point where the belt leaves the head pulley on down the conveyor line

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Product SizeBelt Width (inch)Max Belt Speed (fpm)Item CodeDescription
UTC1818130076712U-Type with C-Blade
UTC2424130076713U-Type with C-Blade
UTC3030130076714U-Type with C-Blade
UTC3636130076715U-Type with C-Blade
UTC4242130076716U-Type with C-Blade
UTC4848130076717U-Type with C-Blade
UTC5454130076718U-Type with C-Blade
UTC6060130076719U-Type with C-Blade
UTC7272130076720U-Type with C-Blade
UTC8484130076721U-Type with C-Blade
UTF1818130076724U-Type with F-Blade
UTF2424130076725U-Type with F-Blade
UTF3030130076726U-Type with F-Blade
UTF3636130076727U-Type with F-Blade
UTF4242130076728U-Type with F-Blade
UTF4848130076729U-Type with F-Blade
UTF5454130076730U-Type with F-Blade
UTF6060130076731U-Type with F-Blade
UTF7272130076732U-Type with F-Blade
UTF8484130076733U-Type with F-Blade
UTV1818130076700U-Type with V-Blade
UTV2424130076701U-Type with V-Blade
UTV3030130076702U-Type with V-Blade
UTV3636130076703U-Type with V-Blade
UTV4242130076704U-Type with V-Blade
UTV4848130076705U-Type with V-Blade
UTV5454130076706U-Type with V-Blade
UTV6060130076707U-Type with V-Blade
UTV7272130076708U-Type with V-Blade
UTV8484130076709U-Type with V-Blade
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Application Stories
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