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Alineadores de banda

Conveyor belt mistracking is a common problem that spans a variety of industries. Even the slightest movement or change in a conveyor operation could cause a belt to mistrack. Preventing mistracking is essential, as even slightly misaligned conveyor belts can lead to spillage, excessive wear of the belt, and major damage to equipment or even the structure. 

Conveyor belt tracking solutions

Conveyor Belt Tracker Trainer Correct MistrackingSometimes the cause of the mistracking is preventable, and even repairable, and other times, you simply have to find a way to redirect the belt. Conveyor belt tracking devices help get a mistracking conveyor belt back on track.

There are a two different types of conveyor tracking systems that work best:

  • Belt Positioner – A belt positioner is used when a conveyor belt mistracks to one side of the belt. It is placed on the return side of the belt and features fixed rollers that direct the belt into the correct path.
  • Belt Trainer – A belt trainer uses a variety of methods, including tapered ends, sensor rollers, and even pivoting and tilting mechanisms to steer belts that are wandering to both sides back on track.

Flexco belt trainers use a combination of friction and tension to correct alignment issues and avoid forces that can damage your belt and your structure. Our unique “Pivot and Tilt” technology is used in many of our designs to respond and compensate immediately to belt misalignment.

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Cuando los productos estándar simplemente no serán suficientes.
Los productos Flexco Mineline® están diseñados e ideados para trabajar en algunas de las aplicaciones más difíciles del mundo que comprueban la resistencia y durabilidad de su sistema de transportador. Los productos que llevan el nombre Mineline® han demostrado que funcionan, incluso donde otros productos han fallado.