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Food Grade Cleaner Cuts Waste at Pork Producer

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FGP Food Grade Precleaner


Large amounts of product waste was causing major concerns for a pork producer in the heartland of America. Not only was the operation losing thousands of dollars of product a day to the floors of the plant, but the amount of time spent cleaning the excess ground pork off the floor was keeping their maintenance team from focusing on more important tasks. The homemade belt scraper they were using would work well at first, but then begin to fail over time as proper tension was not keeping the blade in contact with the belt.


A visit from the local distributor yielded a possible cleaning solution that the operation was eager to try on the plastic modular belting. The USDA-certified FGP Food Grade Precleaner from Flexco seemed like the right fit for the job because of its easy-to-adjust spring tensioning unit, which ensures constant blade-to-belt contact. Plus, assembly and disassembly for cleaning and blade changes only involve snapping blades on and off the unit, making it a time-saver for the maintenance team.


The FGP Food Grade Precleaner was installed and results were immediate, with little to no carryback on the inclined conveyor. Through the use of the FGP, wasted product was reduced by more than 3,100 lbs a day, for an overall savings of $713,000 a year.

The several trips needed per day to manually empty a bin kept under the conveyor were also reduced because scrap decreased by approximately 90 percent. This saved the maintenance team time and also decreased the potential danger of working near a running conveyor. An added benefit to the addition of the FGP Food Grade Precleaner was that the floor was clear of ground pork, creating a safer environment for those walking through the plant.

What Does Flexco Accumulating Value Mean?

When you see the Flexco Accumulating Value (FAV) icon, you can expect a Real-Life Result that represents the measurable, repeatable value added to an operation through its investment in a Flexco solution.

FAV results document the ongoing dollar value realized with implementation of Flexco products or services and details how that value helps operations achieve and maximize their productivity, efficiency, throughput, output, and uptime. 

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