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Impact Beds and Skirting Systems

The load zone is often one of the most overlooked areas for system efficiency, yet it sees every ton of material you are moving in your operation. Ensuring your load point is effectively protected has a great effect on the productivity of your entire system. With the right load point support, you could see improvements in belt wear, product loss, dust, spillage, mistracking, and less damage to your equipment.

Conveyor Load Zone Solutions

Conveyor Belt Impact Bed Load Zone SupportThere are several load point solutions available to help you ensure your belt is continually supported and spillage and dust generation are things of the past, including: 

Slider and Impact Beds – Slider beds and impact beds offer conveyor belt protection and material containment by controlling acceleration, deadening impact energy, reducing damaging vibrations, and extending belt life.  

Skirting Systems – Skirting systems create an effective seal at the load point, ideally without damaging the top cover of the belt, to discourage spillage and dust release.  

Conveyor Belt Skirting System Sealing Load Zones from SpillageEvery load zone needs consideration given to selecting the proper support, protecting the belt from impact, and sealing the load zone from escaping dust and spillage. Flexco Impact Beds and Skirting Systems are uniquely designed to work together as a total solution for your load zone.  

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