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Open Pit/Hard Rock Mining

Discover Open Pit/Hard Rock Mining Conveyor Belt Solutions

When you need to move tough and abrasive raw materials, choose Flexco to bolster your belt conveyor system.  


We do not need to tell you how difficult it is to successfully operate mining conveyor systems. Every day, you see the challenges that arise when you transport material from belt to belt. 

Flexco has worked with open pit mining and underground applications for over a century. We know the daily struggles that come with your bulk material handling efforts. As a result, we have developed industry-leading mine conveyor belt system solutions. 

The Flexco catalog of heavy-duty belt conveyor products is extensive. Our mechanical belt fastening systems are compatible with an extensive amount of belt widths. The Flexco Elevate® cloud-based belt monitoring platform gives users personal data for real-time performance monitoring of belt cleaners. And, our belt maintenance tools help to ensure long-term productivity and performance. 

With world-class customer service and a vast network of territory managers and distributors, Flexco product installation and upkeep are much more efficient. Plus, our online and in-person training sessions help facilities maximize the benefits of their belt conveyor systems. In short, Flexco's solutions help to keep the world's industries moving forward. 

Some companies simply want your business. At Flexco, we do not just want you to be a customer, we want to become your partner in productivity

  • Open Pit and Hard Rock Mining
  • Open Pit and Hard Rock Mining
  • Open Pit and Hard Rock Mining
  • Open Pit and Hard Rock Mining

Featured Product for Open Pit and Hard Rock Mining 

Facing increased downtime at your mining facility from damaged conveyor belts? Make more efficient and quick repairs by using Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners

This fastener repair system provides a strong, sift-free splice that further extends the life of the belt. By choosing Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners, once damaged belts can continue to perform up to standard. Discover how this key product has been the ideal choice for over a decade with our product overview video

Learn More About Belt Fasteners

Solutions for Open Pit/Hard Rock Mining

Make sure you use the best belt conveyor products by checking out our top solutions. Flexco offers the very best in on-site and preventive maintenance. Discover why we are the industry standard for mechanical belt fasteners, belt cleaning systems, and so much more.  

Belt Cleaning Systems 

The cleaner the conveyor belt, the better the long-term performance. Our conveyor belt cleaning systems reduce carryback material, prolonging belt lifespan. Whether you need a primary, secondary, belt plow, or a cleaning accessory, Flexco has you covered. 

Mechanical Belt Fasteners 

Flexco has led the way in belt fastening systems for over 100 years. Our end goal in designing belt fasteners is to maximize our customers' output. By factoring in belt thickness, PIW, and pulley diameter, we can develop the best customized solution for your operation. 

Conveyor Load Zone Solutions 

An area that is often susceptible to immense pressure and damage is the conveyor belt load zone. To provide real protection of your belt and reduce shock loading, consider our Slider/Impact Beds.  

Conveyor Belt Tracking Solutions 

Belt misalignment can destroy the belt conveying process. Flexco aims to combat mistracking through the development of belt positioners, trainers, and trackers. No matter what issue your heavy-duty application is facing, the PT Max™ can help. 


Digital Solutions

For real-time data analysis of your belt conveying system, turn to Flexco Elevate®. Its easy-to-use interface and fast installation helps users start monitoring performance quickly, giving plant managers immediate value.


Education and Training

Flexco University is an incredibly convenient outlet for heavy-duty training on material conveying. With in-class, on-site, and virtual education options, there is a training option available for everyone. 

MHSA Aggregate Updates

Latest Industry News for Open Pit/Hard Rock Mine Conveying

Ensure that you are ready for the upcoming MSHA regulations with our latest blog post. Brian David, Flexco Industry Manager, does a deep dive into anticipated changes in his 2024 update. After reading, you will have a better grasp on strategies you should utilize to better contain dust and avoid fines.

Learn more about MSHA Regulations

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