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Flexco U-Type® Secondary Cleaner Tackles Wet and Sticky Carryback at Aggregate Plant

U Type Secondary Cleaner




Conveying Clean Stone


U-Type® Secondary Cleaner


Eliminate carryback
Reduce maintenance time

Conveyor Detail

36" wide belt


At an East Coast aggregate plant, the conveyor that transports clean granite to silos for truck loading runs over a main road at the plant. The granite from that belt often ended up falling onto vehicles that were entering and exiting the facility. While the material was too small to be a serious safety concern and did little vehicle damage, the people and vehicles traveling under it would get a constant shower of granite. Because of this, manpower had to be devoted to cleaning the vehicles and the conveyor structure to which the carryback was adhering.


After learning of the maintenance team’s frustration, Flexco offered to test the U-Type® Secondary Cleaner at the plant to see if it would eliminate the carryback issues. The cleaner is well-known for its ability to tackle the wettest, stickiest carryback with a u-shaped design that conforms to the belt, allowing the blade tips to scrape off stubborn carryback and the rubber backers to squeegee the wet material off the belt.


The test cleaner was a success and the plant purchased it, along with others, to combat the issues on their belts. They are pleased with the efficiency of the cleaner in such sloppy conditions and find the blade life to be longer than the standard carbide blades. The belt is now 90% cleaner and the carryback materials are now going into the silos with the rest of the clean granite.

Product Group

  • Belt Cleaning Systems

Product Line

  • U-Type® Secondary Cleaner


  • Aggregate