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Flexco Expands Novitool® Aero® Splice Press Technology with Addition of Aero Connectivity

Flexco recently announced the addition of Aero Connectivity, a new technology feature designed to enhance productivity and improve splice reliability, to its line of Novitool® Aero® Splice Presses. Aero Connectivity is designed to optimize press operation by utilizing Bluetooth® technology to connect the press to the Aero Mobile App for access to splice cycle data. The connectivity feature also allows users to manage updates to firmware for ongoing press advancements.

Customer feedback and technology innovations will drive the ongoing updates users will be receiving from the press through the Aero Mobile App. The convenient Aero Dashboard allows operators easy access to splice cycle data for evaluation and troubleshooting, making managing multiple presses easy and allowing users to work directly with the Flexco experts for support and assistance.

“Users will be able to keep up-to-date on all the latest technological improvements to the Aero Press through an easy-to-use app on their phone,” says Michelle Graves, Marketing Specialist – Novitool for Flexco. “The data received from users will also be used to design updates that will continue to optimize the operation of the press.”

Enabling Connectivity

Connectivity for the Aero is easily enabled on new presses by going to www.flexco.com/code and registering the unique press serial number. Within one to three business days, an email invites the press owner to log-in and add press and user data to their custom Aero Dashboard. The Aero Mobile App is available for download through their mobile device’s App Store or Google Play. The mobile app is then connected via the Bluetooth wireless dongle provided with the Aero Press.

Users with existing presses will have their firmware updated and receive the Bluetooth dongle during a visit with their local Flexco Territory Sales Manager.

Once registered, the operation can upload splice cycle data from the Aero Press to the Aero Dashboard to help with troubleshooting and improved splice reliability. When firmware updates are available, users will receive notifications through the mobile app.

“The addition of Aero connectivity to a press that is already optimizing the user experience with integrated controls, industry-leading splice times, and a recipe management tool takes the Aero Press to a whole new level,” Graves says. “We are excited to offer users a unique opportunity to provide feedback that will enhance the capabilities of the press and improve their productivity.”

The Aero Splice Press can be used in conjunction with other tools in the Novitool line, including the Ply 130™ Ply Separator and Pun M™ Mobile Finger Punch. More information on the full line of endless splicing products can be found here.

Published Date

June 02, 2020

Product Group

  • Endless Splicing Systems