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Far-Pul HD® Belt Clamps

  • Far Pul Single
  • Far Pull Application

Far-Pul HD® Belt Clamps

Far-Pul HD® Belt Clamps are specially designed to properly secure and clamp a belt for safe conveyor maintenance.

Why Far-Pul HD® Belt Clamps?

  • Design: Clamp bars with adjustable steel scissors, retaining pins, and clamp bar pins
  • Belt type: Rubber-covered and PVC heavy-duty
  • Load capacity: 3 tons (2.7 metric tons)
  • Belt thickness: 7/32” to 1” (6 mm to 25 mm)
  • Belt width: up to 30” to 72” (750 mm to 1800 mm)
  • Material: Heat-treated extruded aluminum; steel clamp scissors
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