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Roller Conveyor Transfer Plates

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Transporting products across a roller conveyor, whether belt driven, line shaft driven, chain driven, or MDR & band, presents a unique problem – product loss between rollers. Roller Conveyor Transfer Plates (RCTP) from Flexco keeps your product moving to its final destination by floating in between two rollers, covering the gap and preventing envelopes, polybags, and small packages from falling in the spaces between. RCTPs also help prevent workers from reaching into the areas between rollers to retrieve parcels and getting caught, pinched, or injured on the drive bands, belts, or chains.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for operations that transport a variety of packaged products – from soft and pliable to dense and compact.
  • Made from proprietary low-friction material that offers superior wear and impact resistance.
  • Bright yellow color makes plates easy to see and monitor.
  • Available in 12” transfer plates that are easily cut to length for any roller conveyor width.

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