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EZP-LS Limited Space Precleaner


The EZP-LS Precleaner delivers a big cleaning job in a compact cleaner. It features a compact design, but still includes the user-friendly and performance features of the industry preferred EZP1 Rockline® Precleaner. Ideal for specialty applications with severe space limitations and pulleys as small as 6". 

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  • Patented ConShear™ LS solid blade - proprietary urethane formulation and “faceted profile” design that renews the blade edge as it wears
  • Available with blades for standard (purple), high-temp (yellow), or chemical resistant/food grade (white) applications
  • CEMA Class 2
  • Compact LST tensioner is self contained, easy to adjust, and features a visual blade wear gauge
  • Compatible with reversing belts and mechanical fasteners
  • Belt speeds up to 500 fpm (2.5 m/sec)
  • Pulley diameter from 6" to 22" (150  to 550 mm)
  • Belt widths from 12" to 60" (300 to 1500 mm)

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When standard products just won't do.
Flexco Mineline® products are designed and engineered to work in some of the toughest applications in the world that test the strength and durability of your conveyor system. Products carrying the Mineline® name are proven to work — even where other products have failed.