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Novitool® Amigo Splice Press

  • Amigo Sander
  • Amigo Blue Belt
  • Amigo Temp Controls

The Novitool® Amigo™ Splice Press splices monolithic belting, ensuring tight pitch tolerance and no pinholes. Accuracy, speed, and operator safety are fully integrated into the Amigo design, making it an ideal splicing tool for in-shop or on-site splicing.

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  • Splice time less than one minute
  • Integrated cutter protects operator from blade during single pass cutting operation
  • Preheat function removes moisture in belt ends to avoid pinholes in finished splice
  • Contactless heating provides for a controlled amount of clash without actual contact with the heat source
  • Shielded heat zone protects operator from heat source during splicing
  • Heater stows and cools inside unit as belt ends are butt-welded together
  • Easy to operate with simple splice settings and digital time control
  • Transport case for easy storage and transportation
  • Custom templates available to ensure accurate pitch splicing of belt from various manufacturers

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