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Alligator® Rivet Fastening System

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Alligator® Rivet Fastening System

The Alligator® Rivet Fastening System is specially designed for the abusive round hay baling application, simplifying belt maintenance and increasing uptime.

Why Rivet?

  • Mechanical fastener rating from 300 to 2000  PIW (52 to 350 kN/m)
  • Belts from 13/65” to 15/64” (3.2 mm to 5.6 mm)
  • Pulley diameters from 3.5” (88 mm)
  • Produces a robust and abrasion-resistant splice
  • All-stainless steel design with low-profile to minimize snagging and wear to conveyor components
  • Hinged splice – easily separated to remove, extend, or clean belts
  • Rivet-attached for maximum resistance to pullout
  • Can be used on new or used belts

Installation Method

  • Portable tooling
  • Hand or power installation
  • Fasteners

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How Alligator® Rivet Fasteners Work

Alligator RivetThe Alligator® Rivet Fastener system uses the self-setting rivet technology that Flexco developed for the underground mining market. The patented rivets work between the carcass fibers, without severing them, leaving the entire belt carcass intact. The fasteners and rivets of this system are constructed from durable, abrasion-resistant stainless steel for long life.

Because the rivets are self-setting, fasteners are installed quickly from the top side of the belt. Rivets are driven through the fastener plates and the belt, passing between the carcass fibers. The specially-shaped head of each pilot nail works in conjunction with the application tool’s anvil plate to set the rivets. 

Operating Tension Range Belt Thickness Range Pulley Diameter

Hinge Pin Diameter 

300 52





.140 3.6




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