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Clipper® Wire Hook Fastening System

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The Clipper® Wire Hook Fastening System is designed with a variety of different wire diameters, leg and point lengths, metals, strip lengths, and styles to meet your individual application needs.

Why Wire Hooks?  

  • Mechanical fastener rating up to 200 PIW (35 kN/m)
  • Belts up to 25/64” (10 mm) thick
  • Minimum pulley diameter from 15/16” to 7” (24 mm to 175 mm)
  • Available in two hook styles:
    • Unibar® Fasteners – welded to a common bar to enhance installation safety and ease meshing of belt ends
    • Carded Fasteners – individual hooks secured on carding paper for safe handling
  • Low-profile design is conveyor component compatible
  • Quiet operation when contacting pulley and other conveyor components
  • Double-staggered grip pattern offer exceptional holding power, does not degrade integrity of belt
  • Quick, economical installation

Installation Method

Maintenance Lacers with Roller Lacing Technology™ – Lightweight, portable installation tools which gently and precisely roll the hooks into the belt for a low-profile splice

Production Lacers – For high-volume production lacing

Specialty Lacers – Featuring continuous lacing

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How Clipper® Hooks Work

The Clipper Hook design incorporates a double-staggered grip pattern that gives wire hooks exceptional holding power without degrading the integrity of the belt carcass. The points of the fastener pass through the belt carcass and are formed over, locking the carcass between them.

This low profile splice is highly compatible with conveyor components and compliant with the need for reduced operating noise. Additional splice strength and consistency of splice installation is obtained through precision machine application. 

Fastener Size For Belts With
Mechanical Fastener Ratings Up To:
60 10.3
75 12.9
#1 (40)


Regular (54)
125 21.5
4 1/2 RHTX
200 34.4



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