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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year … for Powered Roller Conveyor Productivity

Roller conveyor transfer plate with no backgroundHello friends. In my previous two blogs I first hinted at a solution for your roller conveyor issues, and then I shared with you what that solution is. Now is the time to celebrate the launch of Flexco’s Roller Conveyor Transfer Plate. Often referred to as the RCTP, because the world could use a few more acronyms, it is THE solution that provides greatly-improved small package conveyance on roller conveyors with 1.9” diameter rollers with 3” spacing.  

Peak season is upon us. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have just passed. You may be thinking “now is not the time to make a change to my conveyor.” I can certainly understand this sentiment. With many conveyance-enhancing solutions, there often is some expected disruption to production to allow for sizing and installation.  

Who has time for that at a time like this?  
Therein lies the beauty of the Roller Conveyor Transfer Plate from Flexco. It installs in a “snap.” In a few short minutes, you will have sections of your roller conveyors fitted with this safe, productivity-enhancing solution. I really can’t think of a better time than now to make an improvement to worker safety and roller conveyor throughput, right when you need it most.Roller conveyor transfer plates in between rollers with packages

Don’t believe me on how simple the RCTP is to install? Click here to watch a short installation video. Why wait when help is very soon available to you? Order now with your favorite Flexco distributor or locate one by clicking here. You’ll be setting yourself and your facility up for a very Happy New Year!  

Authored by: Todd Stewart, Industry Manager 

Stewart focuses on both the logistics industry, creating programs to support each segment and identifying customer issues, as well as potential product solutions, for parcel, airports, warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment. Stewart began his career at Flexco in 1989, working in various roles from customer service, to manufacturing, to training, to new product development, to market development management before taking on the role of Industry Manager in 2017. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a B2B specialty from Davenport University.