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Preventive Conveyor Maintenance for Peak Logistics Season

What do John Rutsey, Jeff Jones, and the Flexco Logistics team have in common? We don’t want to be in a Rush.  

Nothing like a little musical humor to start a blog post, eh?  

If this upcoming holiday season is anything like 2022’s, we may be facing the largest peak of packages any of us has ever seen. So, with a seemingly endless amount of packages on the horizon, I wanted to do a quick check-in on the health of your logistics processing facilities and make sure you’re not in a rush to solve your package delivery problems.  

So, allow me to introduce one of Flexco’s best product offerings: Roller Conveyor Transfer Plates (RCTP).  



Although we offer an extensive selection of belt conveyor transfer accessories, RCTPs were specifically designed for those working in the logistics and parcel handling sectors. They’re low commitment, easy to install, and pay off quickly.  

In short, they snap on your roller conveyor system and allow packages to glide from A to B with little to no oversight.   

So, how do Roller Conveyor Transfer Plates bring benefits to your logistics process? Let’s dive in.  

How do conveyor belt transfer solutions help with package handling?

Again, it’s no secret that RCTPs are ideal for folks in logistics. I’ve been a part of the product development team and have seen it go from drawing to prototype, and I’ve seen it come to fruition as an ideal solution for so many logistics facilities.  

So, why are people switching over to them to bolster their transfer points? Here are four points that I’ve heard in my discussions with key players in the industry. 

Decreased Package Delivery Delays

When the temperature finally cools off, something starts to happen. I’m not sure if it's inherently part of the human psyche, or I’ve watched one too many holiday-themed movie marathons on the Hallmark Channel, but I want to hop on my computer and just buy someone something.  

And, after clicking the “buy now” button, I’d argue that the most fun part is the anticipation of the package delivery. But there is absolutely nothing worse than getting the notification that a package delivery date has been pushed back, especially when it gets closer to the holidays.  

Roller Conveyor Transfer Plates help to ensure that this sinking feeling becomes a thing of the past. Because packages easily glide over rollers and are less susceptible to potential downtime incidents, they are much more likely to get to their final destination on time, every time.  

Minimized Package Damage

In an ordinary roller conveyor system, packages are guaranteed to move forward. That’s about the only guarantee. That continuous motion, combined with the dozens of potential problem areas along the way, constantly causes packages to become caught and/or slip through the cracks to the floor below.  

In turn, boxes rip, envelopes open, and those precious packages become damaged. As you know, this leads to an increasingly upset customer base that negatively impacts your bottom line.  

But, with Roller Conveyor Transfer Plates, products aren’t moving over just rollers, they’re essentially gliding over a flat system. This helps packages smoothly move through the system, cutting down on the likelihood of a package getting stuck and ultimately minimizing the ability for a package to fall to the floor.  

Cut Down on Lost Packages

Even worse than a delayed package is a lost package. But how does a lost package even happen? Often times, I see it happen during the package transport process, especially within roller conveyor sections. A package, usually small, will slip through the cracks, fall to the floor, and be gone for good.  

A lost package can also happen through a jamming incident, especially when a label is destroyed or ripped off by a roller or if it is caught somewhere else in the system. Once the label is gone, the destination is lost and so is hope.  

I sound like a broken record here (preferably something like Rush’s “2112”), but RCTPs drastically cut down on lost packages in the roller conveyor transfer process. They create a great seal that keeps packages on the right track and puts money back in your pockets.  

Workplace Harm Reduction

One of the most impressive things I’ve seen in my time in manufacturing is that companies across many different industries are taking worker safety incredibly seriously.  

Yes, the RCTP is a productivity enhancer and not a safety device. However, there are some positive impacts from the product design that lends itself to creating better working conditions. Some of those impacts come in the form of reducing product jams and simplifying the product installation process.  

With RCTPs in your system, parcels and envelopes become less likely to jam or fall through your rollers, thus making the likelihood that your workers have to reach in for a package much lower. Overall, combined with your internal workplace safety standards, this can potentially lead to fewer high-risk incidents.  

Then, there is the installation process. That becomes an afterthought with the RCTP. Seriously, watch the video above starting at 0:40 – it's that fast. Also, besides the point, they’re very satisfying to install.  

The installation process seems simple, because it is simple. And, with no external parts or confusing instructions, workers can effectively stay out of harm's way.  

Again, I would like to reiterate that this is not a safety device. But, as you can hopefully see, there are some pretty awesome side effects.  

How to Implement Transfer Solutions into Your Facility

There are a few courses of action you can take to get Roller Conveyor Transfer Plates (or any other Flexco transfer solution) into your facility. Below you can find some of our best options.  

Purchase Through Distributor  

If you’re fully convinced and need RCTPs for your facility as quickly as possible, you can purchase directly through a Flexco distributor.   

Find a Distributor

Live Product Demo

Another option we have is a live product demo at your facility. This option can also be done virtually; just let us know your preference after filling out our demo request form.  

Request Demo

Contact Us Directly

If you’d like to talk with a Flexco sales representative to help point you in the right direction, you can do that too. Search your Zip code on our sales representative directory to find the correct Flexco sales contact.  

Or you can fill out our form below, and someone from the Flexco product support team will reach out to get you started on your RCTP journey.  

Authored by: Ryan Jackson, Product Manager 

In the role of Product Manager, Jackson has complete ownership over our Light-Duty Belt Conveyor Products, guiding strategic product development, conducting extensive analysis of the needs of light duty industries, and growing market share. Jackson has been with Flexco since 2012. He has earned his bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is currently completing his Master of Business Administration from the same institution. 

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October 05, 2023

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