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Alligator® V-Belt

Alligator V-Belt

Alligator® V-Belt Fasteners

The Alligator® V-Belt Fastening System is specially designed for use on machinery with fractional and multiple V-Belt drives.

Fastener Details:

  • Design: Hinged fastener with staple/nail installation option
  • Fasteners Styles: Choose fastener based on A312, B437, or C531 power transmission belt.
  • Metal Selection: Steel
  • Installation Method: Hammer applied. 
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How Alligator® V-Belt Fasteners Work

The Alligator® V-Belt Fastening System is designed to grip the ends of a v-belt without interfering with the sheaves (pulleys) that the belt passes around.

Staples or nails are driven through the fastener and belt and folded over. They are then hammered tight against the bottom plate of the fastener clinching the belt between the fastener plates. There is nothing that protrudes beyond the sides of the belt that would interfere with the sheaves.